Nine Sevens (slight return)

The factory where the Nine Sevens box-set was made up had a small number of unassembled boxes left after they shipped. We had those sets competed and they are now available through our mail order for £69.99 on a first-come-first-served basis. ORDER HERE.

Wire retain a small stock for posterity. We might offer some at shows but they are heavy items so we'd be more likely to carry them when touring in a van – which won't be until 2020. So now is your last chance to grab this set, if you are quick!


Upcoming plans

We are aiming for the next Wire album to be an early 2020 release. To that end, Wire will start recording this September. There are also some live dates this autumn.

There will doubtless be more dates in 2019 but don't expect any touring in the UK or North Amerca until 2020.


70s Wire T-shirts



Unlike Nine Sevens, we are attempting to keep a full stock of the 70s T-shirts available. If your size is marked unavailable, check back in a few days as we are trying to keep sizes Small to XXL in all three designs in stock. If you are unsure about your size, check out the guide below. ORDER HERE

A Wire documentary


There are now several Wire books, including those within our own album special editions, but to date no documentary exists. Members of Wire do get interviewed for documentary programmes, such as a recent excellent one on Hansa Studios in Berlin that features Graham and Colin, but no televisual history of Wire exists. We feel the time is right to correct this. We have therefore started on a process to make what will be “a film about Wire by Wire”. Our feelings are that there is so much bad and inaccurate music-based documentary out there that it makes sense to have something more in tune with the multi-stranded reality of Wire, past and present, than these affairs tend to be. We have enlisted the help of old friends, experienced programme makers, and serious Wire fans Graham Duff and Malcom Boyle.

We have initially begun with financial input from pinkflag. The aim is to make a short trailer to help us put in place the not inconsiderable funding needed for what will be an ambitious piece of work. While we know we will be able to find investors in this project, it occurs to us that our own fan-base will be extremely interested, and one idea would be to mount a Kickstarter campaign. It’s early days still, even though filming is due to start next month, and so nothing is yet decided, but we felt it would be good to make you all aware this will be an ongoing project over the next couple of years.

As we always say, watch this space for further developments. You will be the first to know!