At a customer request we have added a new variant to the T-shirts - the Pink Flag design on a white shirt. As previously mentioned these full colour photographic designs are a different process to the usual silk-screen type and can be produced in quite small quantities so we are using this as a way to see if these designs on white shirts will be of interest. We should also now have a stock of all sizes (S-3xl) in the black shirts. It is relatively fast to produce these items and we can respond to customer requests if we feel that the item requested has a market. 


People In A Film - Collectors Offers & Live Streaming

There have been some new collectors items added to the funding page for the next stage of ths project. We have relatively few channels available to make these kind of things available so if you are interested & have the means the offers are there now. 

Tomorrow's Launch event will also be live streamed on the State 51 youtube channel